Tech-osystem: The Isreali Model (part 2)

Today’s episode is all about the ecosystem that creates the T in SPELT (Structure, Pricing, Education, Legislation & Technology) – the Israeli model for water sustainability.

This model enables the country to consume twice the amount of water nature bestows on it annually.
The technological solutions that enable this are not based purely on engineering and scientific advancements.  It is the outcome of societal characteristics, commercial facts, and prestige – on top of the basics of technological developments.

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Interviewed in this episode:

Oded Distel – Head of Israel NewTech
Elad Frenkel – CEO, Aqwise; Chairman, Water Committee, Israeli Export Institute
Eli Perets – CEO, Utilis
Dana Hubner – Business Development Manager, WFI Group
Ari Goldfarb – Founder & CEO, Kando
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