Our podcast aims to bring the latest scientific advances and technological solutions, whilst exploring economic models and identifying key players in the global effort to secure water sources, create efficient water usage, and make water safe for everyone.

  • Have we managed to develop the most sustainable irrigation technique yet?
  • Can water become the bringer of peace?
  • Can we quench the world’s thirst for clean and safe water?
  • What would cost a Trillion US Dollars by the year 2035?
  • Can the flush of a toilet light up your house?

Meet the Producer & Host: Idan Cohen

Photo: Orly Zailer

Idan has extensive experience working in public radio, podcasting & holds a masters degree in music.

“When I worked as a radio journalist at Israel’s national public radio, I’ve learned to see how people’s actions transform into events, that in turn become stories worth listening to. I am happy to present a tale of humanity, nature, and technology, where water is the actual protagonist.”

Waterline podcast is an initiative of IsraelNewtech a part of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry & produced by P.I. Media Podcast Productions.