The Israeli Model: Water Education

It’s no secret that Israelis consume twice the amount of water nature supplies it with. The main enabler for this phenomenon is a unique model that lies at the heart of the Israeli water sector. SPELT – Structure, Pricing, Education, Legislation and Technology are the 5 key elements.

In this episode – the first one exploring the model’s aspects – we examine the role education plays in the model.

High-schools and the academia are constantly in correspondence, and the system as a whole encourages this dialogue between seemingly two different levels of education.

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Two guests share their story – Dr. Amnon Shefi created a platform that enables school kids to explore water issues using STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics) education to instigate a life long ethos of exploration;

Emily Elhacham decided at the age of 15 that if you wish to know something – ask someone to show you the way. A professor at Tel Aviv University opened the door for her – and the rest is all of her own making. Today she leads the way for others to explore and a programme combining high-schools in her hometown and Bar Ilan University she established (while still a high-school student herself) still runs strong a decade afterwards.

Interviewed in this episode:

Oded Distel – head of Israel NewTech.

Dr. Amnon Shefi – Hi Teach

Emily Elhacham – Scientist, Weizman Institute and Tel Aviv University


Follow these links to learn more:

WATEC 2019

Israel NewTech


Hi Teach full list of supporters –

The Hands Across Water program is sponsored and supported by the Rotary including the Water & Sanitation committee of district 2490 headed by PDG Avner Fuchs, and hosted by the Haifa club in partnership with 10 international clubs, headed by Dr. Gerald Sussman past president of the Coral Spring/Parkland club.
It is also supported by the Israeli water industry like Bermad, Israel NewTech at The ministry of Economy as well as the Water Authority and the academia in Israel headed by the Technion Grand Water Research institute.
Their contribution and support is greatly appreciated

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