“Every Drop Counts” – Urban Water Distribution

It is midnight. The house is quiet, and everybody is asleep. You are reminded that the faucet in the kitchen is faulty by the constant drip-drip-drip-drip noise it makes. You toss and turn – but not alarmed; just ever so slightly annoyed. If you allow it to drip at a rate of a drop a second during one year, you’ve wasted an amount equivalent to 15 years worth of a person’s water consumption.

Municipalities worldwide are losing an alarming amount of up to 60% of pristine freshwater due to unseen faulty infrastructure.
In this episode of Waterline, we’ll discuss urban water distribution.

Our guest, Zohar Yinon, CEO of Jerusalem’s water and wastewater utility company – a world leader in curtailing the loss of water in a municipal system – shares the solutions implemented.
At its core – a technological innovation where big data plays an impressive role.

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Interviewed in this episode are:

Oded Distel – head of Israel NewTech.

Seth Siegel – author of Let There Be Water.

Zohar Yinon – CEO of Hagihon – Jerusalem’s water and wastewater utility company. He was chosen as one of the 50 most impactful leaders in Water & Water management (global listing) for CSR Day 2018.

Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag.

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