The International Water Association: Innovating Together

The International Water Association was established 20 years ago to create a worldwide organization that promotes and enables “creative friction”, in their own words, between engineers, innovators, governance experts, and water sector people across the range.

Diane D’arras – IWA’s president since 2016 – was interviewed in Waterline’s special studio, part of the Israeli pavilion at the 8th World Water Forum that convened in Brasilia in March 2018.

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Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag.

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Sharing Water

The World Water Forum convenes once every 3 years.

The World Water Council –  the convener –  put the notion of sharing water as the arranging theme for the 8th forum that assembled in Brasilia in March 2018.

This episode features interviews conducted during the forum with people from both public and private sectors, all geared towards bringing water to people.

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Interviewed in this episode:

Oded Distel – Head of Israel NewTech.

Rochi Khemka – Co-Lead, Global Partnerships & India Program, 2030 Water Resources Group, The World Bank.

Brieux Michoud – Managing Partner, Waterpreneurs.

Olga Reyes – V.P. Public Affairs and Communication, The Coca-Cola Company in Latin America

Andre Wongtschowski – Operations Manager, World Transforming Technologies.

Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag.

“Alchemy: Turning Milk into Water” – Sustainable Water Management

Carlo Galli is Nestlé’s Technical Manager of Water Resources.
In his work, he is in charge of making sure that Nestlé’s worldwide operations are water-sustainable; not an easy task, taking in count the fact that it takes a lot of water to make food.

In this episode, we focus on sustainable water management. Idan has a candid conversation about water, coffee, industrial practices, sustainable value-chain and social responsibilities with the man whose job is to make sure that the biggest food & beverage company in the world (in 2017, according to Forbes) is leading a healthily sustainable lifestyle. 

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The interview was recorded in March 2018, during the 8th World Water Forum, in Brasilia.
Waterline had a studio there, as part of the Israeli pavilion at WWF8 Expo.