“Water Makes the World Go ‘Round” – The Water Economy

Water is a global issue as much as it is a local issue.
Water is life – anyone will tell you that. However, when was the last time you thought about water and the role it plays in the global economy?

I am sure you can tell me the price of a used car but are you able to tell me the value (in real monetary terms) of the water you consume? in this episode, we take a deeper look at the water economy.

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Interviewed in this episode are:

Oded Distel – Head of Israel NewTech.

Dr. Xavier Leflaive – Principle Administrator, Water Team, OECD.

Paul O’Callaghan – Founder & CEO, BlueTech Research.

Henk Ovink – Special Envoy International Water Affairs, Government of the Netherlands.

Will SarniWater strategist and consultant.

Seth Siegel – Author of Let There Be Water.

Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag.

“Alchemy: Turning Milk into Water” – Sustainable Water Management

Carlo Galli is Nestlé’s Technical Manager of Water Resources.
In his work, he is in charge of making sure that Nestlé’s worldwide operations are water-sustainable; not an easy task, taking in count the fact that it takes a lot of water to make food.

In this episode, we focus on sustainable water management. Idan has a candid conversation about water, coffee, industrial practices, sustainable value-chain and social responsibilities with the man whose job is to make sure that the biggest food & beverage company in the world (in 2017, according to Forbes) is leading a healthily sustainable lifestyle. 

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The interview was recorded in March 2018, during the 8th World Water Forum, in Brasilia.
Waterline had a studio there, as part of the Israeli pavilion at WWF8 Expo.

(f)Low Tech to High Tech – Entrepreneurship

The industry of water is regarded to, traditionally, as low tech.
This fact makes it an excellent place for entrepreneurs to find new ways to disrupt, update, change and streamline the processes.
To bring this industry – effectively – from low tech to high tech.

In this episode of Waterline, we will hear from Eytan Levy – a serial water and wastewater technologies entrepreneur.

How innovation, hard work and luck play a role in any venture – especially in regards to water technology.

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Interviewed in this episode:

Oded Distel – head of Israel NewTech.

Will Sarni – water strategist and consultant.

Eytan Levy – Entrepreneur, Levy Ventures.

Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag