Form Follows Flow: Designing with Water in Mind

Design, has a profound impact on the way we live, influencing the way we go about our day-to-day, the way we make decisions – design isn’t about aesthetics but rather about developing solutions with the ultimate goal of making our lives better.  In this episode we explore water through design – how do we use design to promote widespread sustainable water usage in the private and public sphere?

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The architect Dr. Noam Austerlitz created a dual sewage system in his house. Part of the water goes straight to the municipal system whilst water from wash basins, showers and the washing machine goes to a special filtration system – a live system where the water is circulated and purified through a bed of plants and bacteria. The results are many fold – ranging from a lush green garden that pleases the eyes to the much more task of preventing floods.

The UX/UI specialist Ayelet Lazarovich talks about the notion of sustainable design, the crossroads where water and design meet. Contrary to what you might think when you hear these words, you’ll be surprised to learn how little it has to do with “tree hugging”.

Interviewed in this episode:

Dr. Noam Austerlitz – architect and scholar (Linkedin)

Ayelet Lazarovich – UX/UI specialist

Chris Dermody – CIO, Denver Water (Linkedin) – Mr. Dermody was a guest from the

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