“Water Makes the World Go ‘Round” – The Water Economy

Water is a global issue as much as it is a local issue.
Water is life – anyone will tell you that. However, when was the last time you thought about water and the role it plays in the global economy?

I am sure you can tell me the price of a used car but are you able to tell me the value (in real monetary terms) of the water you consume? in this episode, we take a deeper look at the water economy.

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Interviewed in this episode are:

Oded Distel – Head of Israel NewTech.

Dr. Xavier Leflaive – Principle Administrator, Water Team, OECD.

Paul O’Callaghan – Founder & CEO, BlueTech Research.

Henk Ovink – Special Envoy International Water Affairs, Government of the Netherlands.

Will SarniWater strategist and consultant.

Seth Siegel – Author of Let There Be Water.

Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag.