Water for All – Regulation

Israel is in a semi-arid region. Global climate changes create longer drought periods in the region. And yet, looking from above, one can see green fields and forests, and high-quality water is delivered to homes, businesses, farmers and the industry 24/7. Several components contribute to this success, but it all begins with the Israeli Water Law, passed in 1959.

In this episode, we see how Israeli water regulation, stemming from the Water Law, enables self-sufficiency and continuous growth – even when drought hits hard.
We will explore the Californian model of regulation in contrast to the Israeli one, and what are the benefits they possess.

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Interviewed in this Episode:

Felicia Marcus – Chair of the State Water Resources Control Board, California.

Oded Distel – head of Israel NewTech.

Seth Siegel – author of Let There Be Water.

Tami Shor – Senior deputy director general for regulation, Israeli Water Authority.

Theme and music composed by Nir Sayag.