“Alchemy: Turning Milk into Water” – Sustainable Water Management

Carlo Galli is Nestlé’s Technical Manager of Water Resources.
In his work, he is in charge of making sure that Nestlé’s worldwide operations are water-sustainable; not an easy task, taking in count the fact that it takes a lot of water to make food.

In this episode, we focus on sustainable water management. Idan has a candid conversation about water, coffee, industrial practices, sustainable value-chain and social responsibilities with the man whose job is to make sure that the biggest food & beverage company in the world (in 2017, according to Forbes) is leading a healthily sustainable lifestyle. 

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The interview was recorded in March 2018, during the 8th World Water Forum, in Brasilia.
Waterline had a studio there, as part of the Israeli pavilion at WWF8 Expo.